Who is Oscar Duignan?

Family photo of my blue hair top-right, my wife Kim on the left, and my daughter Lumen bottom-right.

I live in London with my wife Kim and daughter Lumen. Tuesday through Friday I build websites with Binary Vision, Saturday through Monday I spend time with my family and friends and work on personal projects. I like to dance. I try to write. I want to draw.

What am I working on now?

I'm reading a lot of books on Stoicism and psychotherapy (mostly CBT). I'm starting to dip into Iain Bank's Culture books.

There's a kids book in me I want to create for my daughter with my wife's help — "The girl whose parents fell asleep".

Scratching an itch I'm building a better (for me) time tracking service that you use primarily through a browser extension. I am building the back end with the Phoenix Framework in Elixir and the front end with React and RxJS.

I'm also starting work again with a couple of good friends on a 2-degrees-of-separation hospitality-exchange network-of-trust app. We're using Meteor, React, and Neo4j to try and make this fit in the time between all our other responsibilities and get something helpful in peoples hands as quickly as possible.

Things I'm looking for help with

I've got a 2016 daily wall calendar that I'm going to try and leverage into maintaining a consistent exercise habit throughout the coming year. Hopefully I'll also soon start some self defense classes again and every day I grow more determined to learn how to lift and to regularly run.

Email is the best way to contact me

My email is oscarduignan@gmail.com and if you've found this page you're probably someone I already know and would like to be keeping better in touch with so please send me an email to say hello and let me know what you're up to! And yes, even if we met a long time ago or "only" played computer games together, I remember you, I don't forget people! And I would love to hear from you, whatever the connection.

How is this site built?

I write the content for this site in Markdown, which I give to a static site generator called Hugo that converts it into HTML. Then I use a tool called s3-website to compress and push the built site to Amazon S3 where it is hosted. The source for the site is stored in Git and Travis-CI automatically builds and deploys changes for me when I push the source code of my site to GitHub where it is stored. The title font used on the site is called Unna and comes from Google's font service. I manage the CSS, JS, other assets used to create the sites design and functionality using Webpack. You can view the source code for the site at github.com/oscarduignan

Background pattern "Topography" by Shankar Ganesh from Subtle Patterns